Hadrian’s wall?

Hadrian was a roman emperor, ruling from 117 to 138 AD. He traveled a lot to all the conquered roman provinces. He valued the Greek culture, especially its art and culture, and probably also its food. Besides being a philhellene (Greek lover), he had an intimate relation with his friend Antinoös, which was not so unusual in his time.

He built the Hadrian Wall to protect the border of the most northern province of Britannia against the invasion of hurdles of so-called barbarians. Besides a wall, he also built the Pantheon in Rome and a sumptuous villa at Tivoli. But the wall collapsed starting from the 4’th century AD by by the infiltrating barbarians and economic decline.

Today we  see a new invasion of people who want to tear down the walls of a traditional working environcrumbling wallment. They want to exchange vagueness for openness, hierarchy for mutual respect, control for self-organisation and fear for trust. We see everywhere hurdles of motivated teams and individuals breaking through this crumbling wall, flooding the continent with an agile  mindset.