#Agile video of the year (century?)

Ernesto Sirolli

was 27 when he experienced that all the NGO were no real entrepreneurs. Real entrepreneurs do not have in their biography the word I, they only use the word WE. I am 54 and always dreamed of a new way of working, but was afraid to lose my job, my house, my wife so I followed the mainstream opposed by our society.

I have not met any such entrepreneur in the 30 years I work as a consultant in IT that did not use the word I and always used the word WE. The same applies for politicians but also for more then 90% of the people I met in the IT industry. The same applies for all management in the companies I worked for in these 30 years. Or all people that work for NGO’s.  They help people because they think our western model is better then the simple and basic model used by “non-developed” cultures. They all think from their ego and always used the word I, not WE. Shut up and listen! This is real entrepreneurship based on RESPECT! Leave people in their dignity and really help them to achieve their dream and do not impose your dream upon them.

Look the video and weep, like I did.





Author: hadriansagilewall


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