Founders and parents, get inspired and inspire others

When I hear founders of an organisation talk about sharing their organisation with their employees, they feel like they have to let go their child, their baby. When they founded their organisation, they were inspired by creative ideas that came out of their mind. By thinking that they own their thoughts and ideas, they fear that somebody will harm a part of themselves if they participate in the way the organisation could evolve. Like a lot of mothers that overprotect their child in stead off creating an environment and habitat where they will also be inspired.

When I feel inspiration coming up, I feel myself a channel used by another force. It is like the flow of a river that needs to find it’s way out. I sometimes wake up then (like this night), and I start writing a new song. Sometimes I only write a text, sometimes I do both: a song with text. And then I want to share this with other musicians who can add new sounds, new riffs, new instruments and rhythm to my song. I sometimes also feel when I am presenting the song and they have new ideas “Hey that is my song, do not alter it, it is good as it is”. But when I see that people are inspired by what inspired me and see the end result, I feel happy and let it go. Not always, I have to admit.

Perhaps founders and mothers (I know, fathers and grandparents are alike), should see their organisation and (grand)child in the same manner: letting go that it is their idea or (grand)child, something they own, which makes a part of themselves. It would be better to ensure that the right context is there to let other people be inspired by your ideas and allow the idea to grow bigger, differently and continuously. Or let your (grand)child be inspired by ideas of their own or ideas from other people. Not only your own ideas.

We do not own our ideas, they serve a higher purpose, I believe.

Unfortunately I have not yet written a new hit song, so I keep waking up at night thinking that I’ve found the basis for a new hit. But perhaps this small article will be something that touches people’s souls.

Time to go back to bed I think.



Author: hadriansagilewall

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