Company values, Yvan and Condacum

Last week we had a tem event. The first in 2 years, but it was a fruitful one. People learned to know each other, they were open and we enjoyed a lovely meal at Condacum.

Learning to know each other

We started with a small “learning to know each other”: the teams split up in groups of 2 and each colleague presented his  colleague in 1 minute after a 5 minutes preparation.

I had prepared more then 15 topics and the team chose the following agenda:


Starting @Questio & Translucid

We embarked on how everybody started at Questio & Translucid. We shared the reason why we chose to start working here, what values made us to embark with our company and whether these values were still applicable. I had assumed 2 minute per person would be enough, but abandoned that idea quite early. Going with the flow was easier as I thought. The team was very open and we even learned from Raya, our entrepreneur why and how the 2 companies were founded.

Rewards and company values

Then I showed a small video on “Rewarding children”, a 6 minutes excerpt from the video A teal shade of Agile by Tobias Mayer. He thinks it is a myth that people are by nature keen on rewards. It is simply because we raised them like that (“Good girl” if you do something good). Since the parents raise (partially) their children, they can make children more independent and rely on their inner-self. From this video we talked about a new way of doing business, where the person is put central and not the organisation. By respecting your people and letting go of control, strange things happen in your company: happiness, pride, taking responsibility, personal growth, feeling involved, personal accountability and even better sales and profit.

But what about the client somebody raised, since we are all IT consultants, working 100% on a project with our client, some even working in scrum or kanban teams. Will they appreciate if you take each month 2 hours of to improve the communication within the team? Probably not, but if you explain sincerely and honestly why you do this, they might also be stung by the agile bee.

The conversation broadened, and we ended with this flip chart, containing company values that the team found important.


Condacum and Yvan

The manager and self-made grower of old and special varieties of plants and herbs summarised our event smoothly, when he was showing his impressive vegetable garden at Condacum. He was very enthusiastic and inspiring when he told us about his crops, the passion, the life-work balance and how he adapted the strategy of his restaurant to the needs of what people really love in a authentic restaurant. His adagio is “Van Riek tot Vork” (from pitchfork to fork) and that was indeed what we tasted in the restaurant!



Author: hadriansagilewall

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