#Agile and #teal quotes of the day

“Annual planning, assuming that the plans work, trying to predict that plan, and trying to control it is the wrong way to run business.”  ~ Kreisler Ng

“Your competitors in your industry are disrupting the industry, so you are either on the disrupting wave or you will be shattered by the disruption wave.” ~ Mike Beedle

 “There isn’t any structural thing that needs to be in place; it is just a desire to work in a different way.” ~  Peter Green, about scaling scrum for the organisation

“If you have a leader who has the mindset that everything is predictable, and now [they] are just going to add some Scrum to that they are probably not going to be very successful using it because that is the wrong paradigm.”  ~ Peter Green and Richard Lawrence

“Applying agility to your organisation is not only applying the scrum framework but also working in cross-functional teams that deliver something valuable in the short-term. Cross-functional means that marketeers, r&d, purchasing, finance, it and all skills needed work transparently together to reach the short-term goal set.” ~ Geert Moreau


Author: hadriansagilewall


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