#Agile, #Teal or #Cyan quote of the day

“We are the people that we have been waiting for and no one else is coming.”

~ Barack Obama


“Simple truth is that even for simple processes, you got to crawl before you walk, walk before you run, and run really well before becoming a track and field star.”

~Brian Will in How Using Agile / Scrum Solves All Your Problems – NOT!


Second #agile quote of the day

“Revitalising people has a lot less to do with changing people and has a lot more to do with changing the context, that companies, the senior managers create around their people.”

~ Professor Sumantra Ghoshal, The Smell of the Place.

#Agile quote of the day

“In the video “The Smell of the Place” professor Sumantra Ghoshal offers four examples of smells in organisations. The ones on the left describe “downtown Calcutta in mid summer”, on the right is “Fontainebleau in spring”. In addition, I’ll share some smells that I have interpreted and experienced in organisations.”

  • Constraint versus Stretch
  • Compliance versus Discipline
  • Control versus Support
  • Contract versus Trust
  • Project versus Product
  • Planning versus Prognoses
  • Commitment versus Forecast
  • Resources versus People

~ Zombie Scrum – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


Up-front #planning or #agile swarming

Do not analyse all detail of your user stories up-front for the next sprint. This is called a mini-waterfall.

Do not develop your user story and then test it. This is also called a mini-waterfall.

Do not split up all your user stories in the sprint planning in tasks. You cannot think of everything up-front. You only need to think of the important things to decide what it take s to put a story in your sprint.

“Considering Backlog Refinement as a “meeting” that includes only the Product Owner and the “Lead Developer”“. Zombie Scrum – Symptoms, Causes and Treatment.

Do as much as needed up-front, elaborate the stories gradually during your sprint and do it as a team. This is called swarming and building up a multi-functional team, where everybody helps each other to jointly reach the sprint goal.

Quote of the day

“Stop writing and start talking. There’s a grand myth about requirements: If you write them down, users will get exactly what they want. That’s not true. At best, users will get exactly what was written down, which may or may not be anything like what they really want. As such, Scrum teams forego a lengthy, up-front requirements phase and the resulting product specification in favor of a dynamic product backlog.” Mike Cohn, Agile teamwork